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You sell something every day - 
products, concepts, services, proposals, ideas, yourself...
“This book will not only instruct you on the how to's of selling, but through Peter's passion, it will ignite your enthusiasm."
- Steve Simpson, Vice President and General Manager 

"A very interesting book... Bottom line is that I think you have a very strong book on the basics of selling that could benefit many."
- George Cook, Executive Professor: Marketing & Psychology;
Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester
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"Things may come to those who wait, 
but only what's left by those who hustle."

 Success is waiting. Shouldn't you start improving now?
ISBN: 1451502141   Year: Summer, 2010   Format: Softcover, 194 pages, 6x9   Investment: $14.95 hardcopy; $7.95 Kindle
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Surprisingly helpful even for getting through everyday life.
"During my career, 
about one billion in sales revenue was generated using these 18 proven steps for listening, objection handling, and selling." 
              Peter Paul Bud
5 Traits
Someone Who Sells Something to Somebody Should Have:
> A passion for what you do.
> Enthusiasm every day.
> Honesty and integrity.
> Belief in your product or service.
> Persistence...a never-give-up frame of mind.
18 Steps, 49 Tips, 1 Simple Secret
You, Who Sells Something to Somebody, Will Discover in this book, written by a regular guy for you - the person who believes in getting better.
Invest in understanding the foundation of skills one needs for a lifetime of success to sell most anything to anyone - brilliantly.
7 Roles
Someone Who Sells Something to Somebody Should Play:
> Consultant - as you uncover, analyze and create awareness of a need.
> Communicator - with effective questioning techniques and listening.
> Educator - clearly explaining your product or service.
> Advisor - by sharing the benefits of your solution.
> Influencer - convincing the prospect that you have the answer.
> Closer - properly asking for the order.
> Partner - as a trustworthy source for further guidance and support.
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your potential.
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