Peter’s life has included three defining moments—
his parent’s determination to escape with a four-year-old
from a worn torn Hungary; IBM’s decision to hire a wet
behind the ears college graduate as part of its highly skilled
sales force; and, ultimately, getting laid off thirty-one years
later, presenting Peter with an opportunity to reinvent himself as an author.

Peter worked for IBM as a top performer in sales and marketing for over three decades, earning numerous awards. Hard work, daily gratitude for working for one of the world’s best companies and a dedication to selling with unwavering passion, led to numerous extravagant IBM 100% Club trips and ultimately to recognition as a member of  IBM’s prestigious Golden Circle.

Throughout his career, Peter collected many accolades, along with a treasure chest full of invaluable information and experiences gleaned from IBM training sessions, management positions, development of new programs, books,  successes, mistakes and words of wisdom from others.

Having generated about a billion dollars in sales over his career, he decided it was a shame to simply allow the lessons learned from over three decades to slowly fade away. So, out of a yearning to help people who’ve chosen a sales path, Peter concluded that he would share his knowledge in this book.  To relax, Peter enjoys family activities, designing and selling T-shirts, camping, snow shoeing, volunteer work, puttering outdoors, and, of course, cycling.

About the author
IBM 100% Club and Golden Circle pins.
IBM Golden Circle
HOW TO BE A BEST SELLER captures invaluable details about the fundamentals IBM taught him
to achieve success - let this book arm you with the same set of skills.
Why this picture?
Much like selling, cycling also requires passion and training before successfully reaching the top.
In this case, the summit of the most challenging uphill ride in the northeast - the annual
Mt. Washington Hill Climb. 
Athletes and weekend warriors can appreciate the correlation between training and improving in business. Invest in this book to develop or enhance your foundation of skills - they will serve you well for a lifetime.
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